Laughter For The Health Of It Roberta Gold, RTC, CHP
Author | Motivational Speaker
Attitude Adjustment Coach
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Roberta Gold


Are you looking for a fun-filled interactive workshop where you can learn how to see the humor instead of the horror in our world?

You have come to the right place! Los Angeles based Recreation Therapist and Certified Humor Professional, Roberta Gold will show you how to nurture your "Humor Bone" and develop a new way of looking at life...using Laughter for the Health of it.

Ever wonder how some people can roll out of bed with a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eyes ready to take on whatever the day has for them? How some of us can deal with rude, argumentative people without losing their cool? Roberta created Laughter for the Health of it with her mission to empower everyone to have a more positive outlook by seeing the humor instead of the horror in the world! She added Laughter Rocks! for students along with parenting programs so we can raise resilient, happy children who laugh and play. You can start the day with a smile, a sparkle and a positive mindset.

Let Roberta show you how.

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