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San Fernando Valley Conflict Resolution Specialist to Speak at International Humor Association Conference

Roberta Gold will show how to use humor to cool down "Hot" situations at the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor conference in Austin, Texas, February 16-19, 2006

San Francisco. January 11, 2006. Roberta Gold, RTC, a recreation and humor therapist at Sherman Oaks Hospital will speak on the uses of humor at the 17th annual conference of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, February 16-19 in Austin, Texas. Ms. Gold's presentation is "Too Many Hot Peppers? Use Humor to Cool the Fire and Improve Communication."

Ms. Gold, who lives in West Hills (Los Angeles County), is a recreation therapist by profession "and a humor therapist by choice." She has worked as a recreation therapist and humor consultant for several Los Angeles-area hospitals for over twenty years.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), a non-profit professional organization that advances the understanding and application of humor and laughter for their positive benefits. AATH provides and disseminates information about applied and therapeutic humor through conferences, publications, and networking to a community that includes psychologists, health care workers, teachers, social workers, clergy, and others who incorporate humor in their work. Ms. Gold has been a member of AATH since 1988.

Through her company, Laughter for the Health of It, Ms. Gold presents workshops on the uses of humor to businesses, staff trainings, schools, hospitals, and organizations across the United States. She is currently finishing two books on conflict resolution. She has been called to work with students and staff on conflict resolution in a number of Southern California school districts.

Ms. Gold will join several hundred fellow AATH members at the February conference, whose theme is "HOT TOPICS IN HUMOR…Research, News, and 'How-To's'." She will be one of some forty speakers and presenters who will explain how they use humor in their jobs to enhance work performance, support learning, and promote healing, whether physical, emotional, social, or spiritual.

Among the other speakers at the conference are Dr. Carl D. Marci, M.D., the Director of Social Neuroscience for the Psychotherapy Research Program and Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Marci will present current research results from his projects on the physiology of laughter and the behavioral measures of depression in response to treatment. Another speaker will be Heloise, of Hints from Heloise fame, who has received the inaugural Mental Health Mission Award from the National Mental Health Association for her outstanding contributions to mental health education.

The 2006 AATH Conference runs February 16-19 at the Austin Marriott at the Capitol, 701 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas, 78701-2622. The public is invited. For more information on the conference, contact Karla Pollack (see below). For information on AATH, visit the website at

What is therapeutic humor?

Therapeutic humor is any intervention that promotes health and wellness by stimulating a playful discovery, _expression, or appreciation of the absurdity or incongruity of life's situations. This intervention may enhance work performance, support learning, improve health, or be used as a complementary treatment of illness to facilitate healing or coping, whether physical, emotional, cognitive, social, or spiritual.

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Press Contact:
Gary Carr, Rising Moon Marketing & Public Relations, (925) 672-8717,