Laughter For The Health Of It Roberta Gold, RTC, CHP
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Meet Roberta

Roberta Gold
Roberta Gold is a Recreation Therapist and a Certified Humor Professional who founded Laughter for the Health of it in 1985 with one mission: To empower everyone to have a more positive outlook by seeing the humor instead of the horror in our world.

Roberta's Background
Roberta Gold is a Recreation Therapist and uses humor therapeutically. Her proprietary program, Laughter for the Health of it has helped countless businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, organizations, and many others to realize that laughter truly can be the best medicine for whatever ails you, your colleagues, your associates, your family, your staff and your friends.

She is a Certified Humor Professional (CHP) with more than 30 years of experience as a keynote and breakout speaker, as well as a consultant which many have come to rely on, for her insight and instruction on how to invoke humor into personal or professional settings in order to improve communication. Roberta facilitates interactive staff retreats, and has served as a de facto conflict resolution assistant for dozens of organizations. Roberta is an advisor for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor's Humor Academy (

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A published author of numerous articles and a contributing author in over 6 books including:
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