Laughter For The Health Of It Roberta Gold, RTC, CHP
Author | Motivational Speaker
Attitude Adjustment Coach
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Los Angeles based Humor Therapist Roberta Gold, creator of Laughter for the Health of it writes frequently, for the fun of it. As a a Certified Humor Professional (CHP) with more than 30 years of experience as a keynote and breakout speaker, as well as serving as a consultant to businesses, hospitals, schools, senior living centers, non-profits, and religious organizations, Roberta enjoys putting pen to paper in order to help others find and utilize their own "Humor Bone."


Robert Gold is a contributing author to the books The Power of Transformation: Reinventing Yourself and Your Glasses Are on Top of Your Head: Tales of Life, Longevity and Laughter.

Roberta is currently at work on a children's book, focusing on using humor as resiliency in dealing with bullies. She's simultaneously creating a new handbook for parents and teachers on how to raise and educate children to respond to stress with humor rather than violence or aggression.


Robert's articles have been published in several publications.